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About IKCM

Andy & Flori de la Garza 

Andy and Flori de la Garza founded International Kingdom Connectors Ministries (IKCM), a 501c-3 faith based Non-Profit Organization, aimed at bringing freedom and teaching to Christians throughout North and Latin America. Andy & Flori are a bi-cultural couple, she a Mexican with American citizenship and He an American, with Mexican/American roots.

Andy and Flori along with Adriana Trejo-Barrera (all field worker with Modern day), began their ministry of inner healing and deliverance in central Mexico. The ministry includes

Freedom and Fullness Seminars (Spanish):
These seminars are available in both English and Spanish in a 1-day format. Each seminar includes biblical teaching, Syllabus, and prayer based ministry.

Personal Ministry Sessions (Spanish/English):  Personal Ministry Sessions are available to all Freedom and Fullness Seminar participants. Sessions offer a more in depth form of ministry in a private setting.

Personal Ministry Training (Spanish): Personal Ministry Training is available for those who feel called to learn more about Inner healing and deliverance ministry and desires to lead Personal Ministry Sessions.

Marketplace Prayer Ministry: Prayer based ministry structured to support Marketplace and Business leaders with prayer and encouragement for their personal, family, and business needs.

For more information about their ministry, place contact Andy and Flori at

Adriana Trejo-Barrera

Adriana studied at Christ for the Nations (CFNI) in Cancun, Mexico and later CFNI in Dallas, Texas. While studying at CFNI Dallas, Adriana attended Shady Grove Church with her sister, Flori and sister’s husband Andy de la Garza.  After completing her studies in Dallas, she returned to Cancun, Mexico and obtained her Masters degree in Family Counseling and Psychology. Later she volunteered at a social and family care center in Cancun. Mexico. She had observed many believers who had a heart for God, however, often live a double life because they lack the victory only found in Christ. After attending a Freedom and Fullness Seminar in Texas, Adriana’s life was changed by God. Adriana experienced the freedom in Christ first hand. It’s not just something we hope to obtain but rather something we live out. Adriana felt the Lord calling her to help share this freedom and fullness with the Latin American people.

Adriana was formally trained and ordained as Minister of the Gospel in Lewisville, Texas through Vision Life Ministries founded by Dr Henry Malone. Vision Life Ministries International is an inner healing and deliverance based ministry. They were appointed representatives for Vision Life Ministries in Mexico.  Adriana lives in Mexico and functions as the Director for the ministry in Mexico.

Adriana has been a very important part of the development of  the ministry in Mexico. She is a catalyst and has helped bring her Inner healing and deliverance ministry to leaders throughout Mexico. Many are experiencing emotional and physical healing and marriages are being restored in Christ because of the freedom Adriana and her team are sharing.

Many Christians in Mexico and Latin America are held captive by fear, bitterness and bondage of their past. Many lack biblical understanding and are very hungry for truth. Others need healing and freedom from generational curses blocking their destiny in Christ. The need is vast!

Will you consider becoming a financial partner? Help bring freedom and hope to the land of Mexico and Latin America.